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Employees who report violations of laws and regulations

Employees who report violations of laws and regulations to their employers can cause serious disruption to their business. This could lead to expensive and lengthy investigations as well as legal proceedings.

Common Types of Whistleblower Claims

Whistleblower claims are usually based on a violation or attempt to defraud the federal or state government of goods, resources, or services. Employee claimants are most likely to bring whistleblower claims.

Healthcare fraud – The most common type of whistleblower claim is for healthcare fraud. These claims claim that healthcare providers bill Medicare and Medicaid for unnecessary or inappropriate tests or procedures. They also use billing codes for more costly tests and procedures. In return for kickbacks, they may prescribe certain medications.

Defense contracts – Sometimes, defense contractors defraud the government by falsifying invoices and supplying defective equipment.

Tax fraud – Many businesses file fraudulent returns, or fail to file them.

Securities fraud – The SEC has a whistleblower program that allows whistleblowers to report incidents of fraud in offering documents, corporate disclosure requirements violations, manipulation of stock prices, and manipulation of stock markets.

Oil leases – Oil companies could fraudulently withhold the full payment of royalties under federal off-shore or right-of-way oil leasings.

Fraud in government procurement – Some suppliers of goods or services to government agencies might commit fraud by charging higher than the agreed amount or supplying products with a relabel that were procured in countries not under trade agreements or products that aren’t in compliance with the RFP.

Fraud in educational grants – Schools and educators may commit fraud when it comes to federal grants. This includes overstating hours spent on grant-funded projects, or by overstating graduation rates and job placement rates.

You have the right, if you suspect fraud of any kind, to inform your employer.

Steps in a Whistleblower Lawsuit

To ensure a successful whistleblower case, the claimant must follow the following steps:

Confirm the claim – Before you can file a whistleblower suit, it is important to confirm that there has been fraudulent activity or that there are violations of federal or state laws. Whistleblower statutes typically only cover activity against the government. If your claim involves fraud or other civil torts against private entities, it will not be covered under whistleblower statutes.

Collect evidence – Some whistleblower statutes require that the whistleblower prove they knew about the claim. This includes knowledge that is older than or adds to information already publicly available. To prove your claim and to prove that you are aware of it, you will probably need evidence.

Hire an experienced Nashville whistleblower lawyer – It is important to retain legal representation if you decide to pursue your whistleblower case. They can help you determine if you have a valid whistleblower claim and assist you in filing a convincing legal claim that will lead to maximum compensation.

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